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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management oversees all the processes that integrate suppliers to work efficiently together to move a product from creation to the client's hands, taking into account supply and demand along the way. At Qtrade Teas and Botanicals, supply chain management is the linchpin of the company. Our team works diligently with a comprehensive network of suppliers sourcing teas and botanicals from the world's most famous growing regions. We are proud of personal relationships built over decades of doing business together.

Whether you need a single case of award winning tea, a full pallet of a single estate tea, or you need a million pounds of tea delivered to numerous packing facilities in multiple continents, we are here to help.

Led by Kingsley Alagaratnam, who has more than 40 years of tea sourcing experience with Unilever and Finlays’, our team has extensive expertise buying teas and botanicals from around the world. 

The critical nature of building resilient and dynamic supply chains has never been more important.  Being “in stock” can feel like a luxury now!

The process always begins with matching the client's desired sensory, quality, and price target with the appropriate ingredient specifications. Once this is confirmed, a supply chain is built to match the client's inventory and forecast requirements with a mix of ocean, land, and air transport commitments.  Risk and cost management are further optimized by Qtrade’s ability to blend and develop tea standards that are maintained on-shore in the United States.

Although we source conventional teas and botanicals, our passion is with organic teas. They are better for your health, the environment, and the health of tea pickers at origin. Organic tea gardens were early pioneers of the sustainable movement. Our long history with this community of suppliers has provided us with a deep understanding and appreciation for sustainability and associated standards, including Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and regenerative agricultural initiatives.

Working with Qtrade optimizes your supply chain and gives you a competitive edge. We offer tier-level savings on bulk orders, free samples, and a dedicated tea expert to guide you through the sourcing process.

Qtrade is an award winning direct importer and wholesaler of the high quality teas and botanicals from our 70,000 square foot, one-stop shop facility in Cerritos, California. 

Contact us today to see how Qtrade could help your company build a more simplified, expedited and resilient tea and botanical supply chain to outpace change.