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Private Label Development

A partnership anchored in trust

Private labels or house brands are brands that are exclusively associated with a particular store. Private labels have become ever-more important in the ever-growing complexity of today's retail environment. Big data has proven that a well-designed, well-executed private label brand could create stronger brand loyalty than a nationally distributed brand. 

In the past, consumers perceived national brands as superior to private label brands. Today, however, store brands or private brands do not carry this negative image. Private label brands can achieve equal or higher product quality and consistency as any national brand equivalents. An improved reputation among private label products has led to better brand loyalty. More consumers are staying loyal to one store because they know that if they are looking for these particular items, it could only be found exclusively at that store. 

Whether your company is a new start-up or a national retailer chain, you may be wondering when it is appropriate to turn to a co-manufacturer for your branded or private label products.  As a general rule, using a private label tea co-manufacturer is ideal for large and small companies alike who want to develop their own house brand of tea products faster and more cost effective than doing it in-house.

House brands do not have or need expensive advertising and marketing budget like a nationally distributed brand would. Furthermore, research has proven that consumers make two-thirds of their brand decisions in the store. With this level of conviction, it is no wonder the most progressive retailers are discovering the power and profitability of private label house brands through the use of a 3-tier private label strategy: 'good, better, best' mirroring:  economy, standard, and premium quality, similar to a hotel group. For each of these tiers, the retailers need to decide under what name to brand their private label. They can either assign their store banner name to a private-label tier or go for a unique brand name that is separate from the retailer banner for the top tier label.

Private label tea development can be a complex process. When partnering with Qtrade Teas and Botanicals for your next private label tea project, this undertaking becomes infinitely more manageable. As your private label tea manufacturer, you’re gaining a valued partner that’s truly invested in your success. We have a partnership process in place to ensure we always exceed your expectations. 

Our process begins long before you contact us as your private label tea partner. At Qtrade, we are continually developing new products to stay current with changing market demands. We create and test hundreds of new teas and tea blends every month. This ensures our private label partners always have a comprehensive portfolio of tea products to choose from when they want to add additional teas onto their store shelves.

At Qtrade, private label development is a partnerships anchored in trust. Contact us today to see how we could help improve your bottom-line by offering your customers a better cup of tea.