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Contract Manufacturing

We are part of your team

Contract manufacturing is the most common form of manufacturing utilized by companies of all sizes around the world when they need to outsource their manufacturing services. Companies from Apple to AMD use contract manufacturers to scale their production to levels that would be otherwise impossible in-house.

Contract manufacturing makes product manufacturing possible to companies that lack a full-service, in-house manufacturing team. Contract manufacturing involves outsourcing a product’s manufacturing process to a trusted manufacturing partner. When you have the right contract manufacturer on your team, you instantly gain four powerful competitive advantages: save on costs and increase profits, increase technical insights, enterprise flexibility, and scalability. For many of North America's most trusted consumer brands, Qtrade Teas and Botanicals is their trusted tea contract manufacturing partner. At Qtrade, we are part of your team.

Save on Costs and Increase Profits

With contract manufacturing, you can save on costs. By outsourcing manufacturing, you instantly free up all the financial resources associated with building and maintaining certified facility. Working with a contract manufacturer eliminates the risks of juggling between vendors and the endless amount of unexpected costs associated with managing a world-class manufacturing facility.

By knowing exactly what your manufacturing process will cost, now you could concentrate all your resources in growing your market share instead of worrying about your supply chain issues and if your products will be made on time and to spec.

Increase Technical Insights

A contract manufacturer could also provide companies with valuable technical insights gained from decades of production excellence. Qtrade has a dedicated team of R&D experts and supply-chain management professionals to safe-guard any foreseen problems that may surface in the future.

Enterprise Flexibility

Since a contract manufacturer will completely take on your manufacturing process, your company is now more free to do more creative innovations, develop new markets and strengthen company culture ... all enduring elements to ensure future growth. 


Building a solid foundation for growth requires a strong investment in people, and technology.  Operating at a small-scale, it’s easy to miss inefficiencies that hamper productivity or accept them as the norm. Unplanned machine downtime, under-utilization of resources, cash held up in inventory, poor on-time delivery, and an over-reliance on over-time are all common but costly issues impeding scalability. All these challenges could be resolved with the right contract manufacturer. Qtrade Teas and Botanicals has all the expertise, advanced manufacturing technology and certifications to make scalability your competitive advantage.