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Boba Tea or Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese sensation 40+ years in the making.  It is a decadent drink made by blending tea with milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding tapioca pearls and shaking it vigorously. 

Contrary to its name, there are no bubbles in bubble tea. In some cases it does not even have tea. The word “boba” is now a category of Chinese drinks including everything from iced tea with tapioca pearls to fresh juice loaded with fruit bits or black tapioca pearls. Boba tea, bubble tea, and pearl milk tea, they are all used interchangeably. Canada and East Coast USA, favors the term "bubble tea" while all other parts of the United States prefers calling it just "boba". Whatever you want to call it, this iconic drink of playful, rubbery, chewy consistency is loved across the world with its distinctive fat bright color straw delivering an invigorating cup of sweet, fruity, creamy, chewy decadence.

We have a collection of teas that complements this exciting beverage category. Contact us today to discover new possibilities in adding excitement to your existing beverage menu.